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If we want to understand the world of fashion, it is necessary to know the "fashion" language.

Here is a glossary of terms.

ACCESSOIRES are fashion accessories (handbags, scarf, gloves, shoes etc.). Among the accessories we also classify perfumes. Any world-renowned fashion brand nowadays, which previously only specialized in clothing, cannot do without fashion accessories,

ANDROGYNE in fashion is a combination of male and female elements in that style.

ANIMAL PRINT is the name of the print looking as animal skin on the model.

AVANTGARDE new direction / style not only in the fashion industry.

BAGGY PANTS are wide pants with big patch pockets (similar to ones used in army)

BALERINAS are flat women’s shoes, which reminds people of ballet flat shoes.

BATICK is dyeing technique with swabs patterns.

COTTON is fabrick obtained from the seeds of subtropical plants. Cotton fabric is solid, pleasant and comfortable.

BERMUDAS is long trousers above knees. Sometimes called surfer shorts.

BLAZER is longer club jacket with collar and lapels.

BODY is snug elastic garment with snap crotch.

BOLERO is a short ladies top going just below breasts motivated by clothing of Spanish bullfighters.

BIKER JACKET is a jacket with waist lenght and it is usually made of leather. Represents biker style clothing.

BUSINESS LOOK formal stylish elegance. Businessman talking about the classic suit with shirt and tie. For the ladies it is a classic costume and even trousers. Costumes and suits should always be in universal colors and not challenging or even garish.

CAPRI PANTS are narrow trousers with a length above and below the knee with side vents.

CARDIGAN is the sporty type suit coat or jacket without a collar.

CASUAL - casual style is suitable for leisure. Casual style represent comfort - mainly jeans, T-shirts and cotton shirts.

CHANEL LOOK has become synonymous with costumes and boucle tweed, which created Coco Chanel. Typical pearls, contrasting hems, handbag with gold chain and a small cap.

COCKTAIL DRESS brought into fashion genius Coco Chanel and are suitable for smaller festive events. They are less glamorous than the evening, but more festive than normal daily wear.

CONFECTION is a ready-made serial production. To produce greatly contributed Singer sewing machine and the first cutting machine.

CONICAL SHAPE garments are made in silhouette of  "V".

CORD is a cotton fabric with a velvety surface and distinctive ribbed profile (eg. Corduroy).

CORSET is strapless top with sewn bra and whalebones, emphasizing wasp waist. Corset looks best with a long skirt.

COTTON is an expression for type of fabric.

CUT EMPIRE - style based on 18th-century style of the period of Napoleon. Typical of this cut is deep round neckline. Since the chest is always expanding and dress fabric hang loose.
DEFILE is a term for the final presentation of the fashion show.

DENIM is a solid cotton fabric resists wear for long. Denim with which launched by the first company Levi's in  USA.

DRIVING SHOE is a shoe with reinforced heel and plastic profiled sole. The most famous brand of the shoes is TOD's.

ETNO style is inspired by indigenous cultures of Africa, India, and South America.

FLIP-FLOP is the name of the so-called simple summer sandals, usually cheap and made of plastic.

FLORAL PATTERN is the name of the substance and other materials with floral patterns.

GABARDINE is a thick, woolen fabric with a fine ribbed texture. The first shell made of this fabric were Burberry.

GOTHIC LOOK originated in the '80s subculture of punk. This Victorian style utilizes elements (eg. With ruffled shirts, uniforms), black color, distinctive jewelry. Make-up is typically very white skin and strong eye makeup and lips.

GRAPHICS an abbreviation for graphic printed patterns.

HAUTE COUTURE is from french and means literally High Fashion. These collections are mainly for presentation on the catwalk. This is essentially a very challenging models sewn manually, which indicate image of the mark. They are mostly unprofitable collection because they are not ordinary wearable, and therefore is primarily produced the biggest brands such as Chanel, Dior, Valentino etc.

HAUTE FOURRURE - is high fur art. It is also as Haute Couture created just the greatest designer houses.

HERMELIN is a winter weasel ermine fur. This rare fur often adorned with classic royal mantle.

HIPPIE LOOK is a style of the late 60s coming from the Hippies movement. Typical for this style are floral patterns, wide trousers with tabs and elements of Indian culture.

IMITATION LEATHER is fabric, heavily at first glance distinguishable from genuine leather.

INDOOR MODA is a comfortable home wear.

JABOT is frilled ruffles ornament on the front of blouses and shirts.

RIDING STYLE is based on the classic English hunting clothes. The style consists OF Fitted jacket, riding cap and wide knickerbockers with a narrow leg portion.

KAFTAN Is a narrow long coat of oriental origin.

KLOKÉ is wrinkled fabric with embossed surface.

LEATHER NAPPA - is a name indicating fine soft leather with smooth surface.

LAMBWOOL fabric is made from the finest lamb’s wool.

LATEX is shiny rubber having different elasticity and strength.

LINEN is a traditional textile materials are sourced from flax plants. It has a pleasant cooling effect.

LIFESTYLE is the English term for a lifestyle.

LINGERIE is a finest underwear made of fine fabrics and refined embellishments.

LINES A - the cut of the dress with narrow shoulders and widening skirt.

LINES I - is a narrow cut of the dress without sleeves.

LODEN is a coarse woolen cloth fabrick with longer hair which was used for the production of uniforms and winter jackets.

MARTA are widely notched closed womens shoes.

LOGO is the sign of corporate brand.

LUMBER is cut short blouse jacket.

LUREX is a fiber with a metallic sheen.

MILITARY / ARMY STYLE is a sporty clothes with elements of military uniforms. Favorites are combat patterns. This style is also called army style.

MINIMALISM is a concept that was taken from the field of art and architecture. This style shape symbolizes purity and simplicity. The pioneers of minimalism are mainly Japanese designers.

SAILOR STYLE is a comfortable clothes and shoes motivated sailors. Typical shorts, windbreakers, sweaters and sailing shoes. Typical color is then blue and white. The main pattern are undoubtedly stripes. A typical maritime fashion finds at the Gant brand.

NEO-BAROQUE trend is characterized by its ornate splendor as well as the architectural style.

NEW LOOK derives from the term that was first used by Christian Dior in 1947 in his postwar fashion. These are mainly elegant style, which lavishes substance. Typical are frilly dresses, full skirts, wasp waist and big hats.

NUDE LOOK at first outraged the entire fashion industry. These are clothes in pastel colors, which provides insight into the hidden parts. The author of this style is French designer Yves Saint Laurent.

PILOT JACKET is short leather jacket inspired by an aviation uniform.

PUNK STYLE joint with provocative musical style and trying to suppress the classical goodliness and beauty. The aim of this style is clearly provoke and shock. Its great Vivienne Westwood's Representative.

RENAISSANCE STYLE represents a return to classic designs. In the case of fashion style are inspired by Greek and Roman toga.

RETRO LOOK is a style that is essentially returned back in time. Old is mostly associated with the new. The pioneers of this style are John Galliano or a pair of Dolce & Gabbana.

SAFARI STYLE originated in Africa in the late 19th century. This style includes elements of equestrian and military style. The main material is linen, cotton and silk.

SILK is a fine natural fiber derived from the cocoons of insect - family of cocoon butterflies.

USED ​​LOOK is an outfit that gives the impression of wear and tear.

VINTAGE LOOK represents the direction coming out of style 30th-70th years. This term denotes the things that are original, old and mostly from a major designer.

WORK WEAR is the fashion of leisure clothing inspired by the work.

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